I've searched the archives and can not find an answer to my questions, in fact, I even downloaded the archive and loaded it into mutt and searched through it to try to find an answer. :-) I've seen that others have asked questions somewhat like this one.

A bit of background, I'm running Gimp 2.2.6 on FC3.

I've looked at the script-fu section with the button scripts but they do not do what I need to do.

For example, when creating buttons with the beveled button script the width of the button depends on how many characters are in the text. Padding with spaces will come close to making buttons the same width but this takes a lot of effort and time to accomplish. Creating buttons with this script is fairly easy but the end result is a lot of buttons that are not the same width which makes for a very unprofessional look.

For the old version of Gimp 1.2 there was a perl script plugin, btn4ws.pl, that would take a text file that has all of the button text and then allowed you to modify the look and feel of the buttons. Once you had the looks of the button the way you wanted it, you clicked the "Create" button. It then created 3 buttons for each text selection. They were unpressed, mouseover and a depressed button. As an added feature it also created the java code for the web page that you could copy and paste along with an example html file. It is a great utility but it does not work under Gimp 2.2.6.

Does anyone know if there is a script that someone has created that does this or if there is another program that will do this that runs under Linux? I would really love to retire my old RH9 distro with Gimp 1.2 so I can build a new FC4 machine on it. ;-) I've found several web sites that create buttons for you for a fee but I just work on websites for my family. If I want to keep peace in the family, reimbursement is out of the question.

If I were a programmer I would make a stab at trying to write a script but I have no idea even where to start nor do I have the time what with a full time job and only 2 weekends a month to play with. :-(

Thank you.
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