Thank you very much for your help.

Actually my PC doesn't perform Hypertreading.

I tryied with GTK+ version 2.6.8 but I have the same result.

The window freezes after I have been choosing the new format (e.g. jpg) and
I click save.
All the window keep gray fonts except the raw describing the new format (jpg
in this case) which remains black.
I see the clepsydra for few seconds then nothing more. The "save as" window
is open but totally inactive.

Thank you again,


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Oggetto: Re: [Gimp-user] Problems saving in different formats

> Von: "Roberto Marega" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

> I have installed GIMP (gtk+2.6.7-setup2 and gimp-2.2.8-i586-setup) on 
> a Windows XP PRO PC.
> The problem I have is that when  I try to save the .xcf image 
> (whichever image in gimp format) in a different format, e.g. jpg, bmp, 
> eps, etc., the "save as" windows freezes, the file is not saved and I 
> need to close the main window of gimp to go on.

At what time exactly does it freeze - when opening the save as dialog
(before you enter a filename) or after the filename has been entered and you
clicked on 'Ok'?
> I tryied uninstallint and reinstalling gimp many times, with the 
> version
> 2.2.7 too, but I always have the same problem.

There is a new GTK+ version available, 2.6.8. As the component involved here
is from GTK+ and usually get some fixes between releases, it would be
worthwile to update.

> Somebody has some idea for what could be the problem?

Another possible reason would be Hyperthreading. Check if it is enabled on
your system - both windows and some BIOSes contain bugs related to it, but
there are fixes, at least for Win XP (in SP2).


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