Roberto Marega wrote:
 Thank you very much for your help.

Actually my PC doesn't perform Hypertreading.

I tryied with GTK+ version 2.6.8 but I have the same result.

The window freezes after I have been choosing the new format (e.g. jpg) and
I click save.
All the window keep gray fonts except the raw describing the new format (jpg
in this case) which remains black.
I see the clepsydra for few seconds then nothing more. The "save as" window
is open but totally inactive.

Thank you again,



Could you try launching gimp in a command window:
Click on "Start"->"Run..." and type "cmd.exe". Then go to the gimp directory (most likely c:\Program Files\gimp-2.0\bin) and launch manually gimp (gimp-2.2.exe). You might have the luck to see some error messages printed there. I said "might" ;)



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