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> Subject: [Gimp-user] Merge pictures??
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> Simple (and stupid?) question:
> I have two 'picture halves'  (JPEG), that I would like to 'combine' in one 
> single .jpg-file - is this 'doable' at all, using the GIMP?

A simple (and stupid :) answer:

Load both files in Gimp, note their image sizes.  I assume they are
the same size.  So, create a new layer which is double their size. 
Now select the first image (edit/select all), copy and paste it into
the layer you just created.  Now edit/select-all the second image
(file) and paste it into the just created layer.  Make sure that you
adjust both pastes according to your liking - if you want them one on
top of the other or vice versa or one adjacent to another or vice
versa.  You can use guides for accurate positioning and if that seems
to be creating seams then you may use one of the various seam-removing
techniques/tools (that I can't recall right now :).

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