Martin Vollrathson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have a slight problem with using my new Wacom Volito tablet in
> GIMP. Everything works just fine except for one detail. It seems
> impossible do draw a smooth line. I was under the impression that GIMP
> would paint at a sub-pixel level because of the tablets high
> resolution but the brush always aligns at a pixel level. Therefor it's
> rather easy to draw a straight vertical or horizontal line but when
> using my tablet, obviusly that's not what I want. If I, for example,
> try to draw a circle, every part of the circle that's not entirly
> horizontal, vertical or at a 45 degree angle will be jagged and ugly.
> Does anybody know if I've just missed some setting or if this is
> "normal" behaviour?

Are you using the pencil tool perhaps? The one and only purpose of the
pencil tool is to have a hard edge aligned with the pixel grid.

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