Joao S. O. Bueno Calligaris wrote:
Given this picture, I do not see how it could be physically any different from what you presented us - tehre simply are not more pixels on that image.

No, that's right, there are no more pixels. But that's exactly the point. With the very high resolution of the tablet, I should be able to move the brush at a sub-pixel level. Take a look at this new screenshot:

The black line on the left is drawn using the shift-key with the brush tool, to make a straight line.

The two pink lines are my attempts to paint the same line just using my hand and my pen. Assuming my hand was unrealistically steady I should be able to produce the exact same results. Of course I cannot do this but I should at least be able to come closer than this. Can you see how the brush wants to go in exact vertical direction? _That_ is what I should not be able to do. :-)

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