[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2005-07-26 at 1159.22 +0200):
> Sven Neumann wrote:
> > Are you using the pencil tool perhaps? The one and only purpose of the
> > pencil tool is to have a hard edge aligned with the pixel grid.
> No, I'm using the brush tool. And there are no hard edges. The brush 
> just seems to align with the pixel grid anyway.
> http://mavos.net/dump/jagged_line.png
> There's a screenshot of a "jagged" curve in a GIMP window. As you can 
> see, the lines are unnaturally straight. There's no way I could draw 
> that straight if the brush was locking itself to the pixel grid, 
> considering that the tablet has a 2000 or so DPI resolution.

That is an issue that has existed for a long time, Gimp uses the
screen coordinates to paint. So zoom out, and get crappy lines, no
curvy smoothing or anything. Only way to get non polygonal lines is to
zoom in, which severely limits what you can paint in a single stroke
and gets in the middle of workflows that rely in constant global view
and work area, obviously.

Anybody can test, with mouse too, a 512*512 image will be enough. Set
zoom to 4:1 and paint a rough circle with Paintbrush and Circle 01
brush (100 or so pixels of diameter, look at the guides before
starting), then set zoom to 1:4 and paint a similar circle next to it
(paint, not select and stroke). Compare how zoomed in gives a smooth
line and zoomed out gives seems to be based about jumps of 4 pixels.

I am unable to find the bug about this, I think there is one, I
managed to find lots about the display side of the problem, but not
checked all of them to see if the input issue is there (I am sure the
issue about input has been raised enough times that people would
remember it... seems not due the other replies, always pointing to
"not using Pencil?" or "blur your paint"). One of such references to
the issue is in last line of comment #1 of

May I suggest you fill a bug? If someone else finds the original,
yours will be closed as duplicate and all happy. And if I remember
wrongly, well, now there will be such bug.

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