Martin Vollrathson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Sven Neumann wrote:
>> Are you using the pencil tool perhaps? The one and only purpose of the
>> pencil tool is to have a hard edge aligned with the pixel grid.
> No, I'm using the brush tool. And there are no hard edges. The brush
> just seems to align with the pixel grid anyway.
> http://mavos.net/dump/jagged_line.png
> There's a screenshot of a "jagged" curve in a GIMP window. As you can
> see, the lines are unnaturally straight. There's no way I could draw
> that straight if the brush was locking itself to the pixel grid,
> considering that the tablet has a 2000 or so DPI resolution.

Your mouse only delivers pixel coordinates. So if you stroke a paint,
GIMP gets delivered a handful of pixel coordinates and interpolates a
paint stroke between them. If two subsequent coordinates have the same
horizontal or vertical coordinate, you end up with a line that is
aligned with the pixel grid.

If you are using a tablet, the tablet should deliver higher precision
coordinates. But is that actually the case? Are you really using your
tablet as extended input device or is it only delivering core pointer
events for some reason?

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