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>>>>> See also:
>>>> when playing with level or curves, did you guys adjust each channel alone 
>>>> or
>>>> the overall combined value?
>>> I often take them by channel. It really depends on how well your source
>>> adjust image per-channel. My digicam, being pre-2000, tends to make blue
>>> channel too weak, so it's 'white' point is much lower than red&blue.
>>> I can't really tell if operating on 'grand total' would produce same
>>> result, it is a matter of convenience of knowing what is happening that
>>> I'm after.
>> when i worked on individul channels, i always got color cast. i just can not
>> image that how people working on channels can still keep color balance well
>> sicne you can not do the r,g,b simultanously. any tips there?
> This depends heavily on the image that's worked on.
> Generally I'd say procedure is to go through r,g,b and adjust only black
> and white point, leaving gamma (middle number) as it is. Most images
> have about linear channels, only shifted+compressed in some way, so this
> will get you mostly castless image (again, this is very taste-specific
> operation and some people, of which I may be one, just don't see much
> difference in some shades). When image has cast that I notice, I start
> working with gamma sliders and try to achieve something that look a bit
> like the anticolor of the cast.
> For example if cast is blue, go to blue color and move gamma to the
> right, making it smaller (the colorstrip will turn yellow). In case of
> yellow cast one would move it to the left. etc.
> Often after one cast is removed, another creeps up, so this is a game of
> balance.
> Turning preview on/off helps a lot, as does having a <Image>->Duplicate
> around at all times.

i think you were talking about level tool, did you mean you will not prefer
curve tool?

> Using color pickers and choosing black/grey/white colors from _really_
> black grey and white spots will likely get you into a good start. They
> just tend to clip whites/blacks too much, losing detail that way.

okay, i got your point about using the black/white point in the picture to set
the relative ends of level tool. but how you use grey?

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