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>i don't think it is cropping. i just tried that, but then maybe you have 
>to do image/center layer afterwards ?, try that.

Ok, perhaps I need to elaborate... First open an picture (which
should be rectangular in shape). Then copy the picture (or a part
of it). Create a new pic (under File/New). Paste (a regular paste
into the new pic). Click on the rotate icon and then click on the
pasted layer. Rotate arbitrarily and confirm by pressing the "Rotate"
button. Try "Image/Fit canvas to layer". Here my pic is missing the
information that ended up outside of the canvas boundaries when I

I don't have a function called "Image/Center layer".

>unless (perhaps), you have other layers underneath which are not visible.

Well, the only layer I have, except the pasted one, is the "Background".

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