Did a apt- dist-upgrade on my SuSE 9.2 system last night.
And now i cant run GIMP at all.
It starts, but as soon as i press any of the buttons "File" , "Xtns" or Help 
to load files or anything it segfaults with a message sucha as:

~> gimp

(gimp:26963): Gdk-WARNING **: Using Cairo rendering requires the drawable 
argument to
have a specified colormap. All windows have a colormap,
however, pixmaps only have colormap by default if they
were created with a non-NULL window argument. Otherwise
a colormap must be set on them with gdk_drawable_set_colormap

(script-fu:26973): LibGimpBase-WARNING **: script-fu: wire_read(): error
Segmentation fault

The only thing differing from the buttons and errormessages is the number 
after gimp: and script-fu:

File: gives (gimp:26963) and (script-fu:26973)
Xtns gives:(gimp:26818) and ( script-fu:26828)
Help gives:(gimp:27044) and (script-fu:27055)

What did my update trash?
How can i fix it?
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