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>heh :), even easier is image/duplicate :)

You learn something new each day (which is a good thing(tm))... :-)

>yes, me too :)

Goodie! ;-)

>i'm really not sure why or what you mean. turning it into a layer doesn't 
>anchor it, you can perform most functions on that layer without affecting 
>the image or other layers (just make sure you have the right layer 
>selected), but maybe i'm misunderstanding and i have no idea how cad 

Or maybe it's me that's misunderstood... :-)

If I interpret you correctly it does work the way I want it to, sort of.

>yes. and the thing is , to my mind, gimps getting more unintuitive with 
>every upgrade/new release. i think these programmers don't have much idea 
>how the non-programmer mind works. nevermind :)

I would say that different people think differently (I odd bits of
programming myself). But I guess technical people usually disregard
the user interface and design whatever which is easier for them...

>you don't ?, are you using windows gimp or something ?

No, I wouldn't touch ms windows with a ten-foot pole. I use gnu/linux

>yuck, i hope i wasn't doing that :) glad you got it to work though :)

Why yuck?

Thanks again!

Best regards

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