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> --- "Michael Schumacher" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >You can do this, at least I don't get what your problems with this are.
> Ok, then I stand corrected. I just thought that it didn't.
> >Especially, I don't get why doing something on a layer - even temprarily
> >hovering and anchoring a selection - should affect the whole image.
> >Anchoring is just a click outside the floating selection, so it's not many
> Well, the thing that tricked me into thinking so was that one had to
> transform the "floating selection" into a "new layer". I thought of
> the selection as just another layer, not a special one...
> >additional steps. BTW, could you explain what each of the "image/pic/canvas"
> >mean to you?
> Afaiu, image=picture=canvas.
> >It might be a good thing to describe the workflow you're used to, then we
> >could try to translate it into GIMP terminology for you.
> In a cad-program one works with completely separated elements (which can be
> merged in one way or another). One can "group" these elements together by
> using, for instance, layers (which is a loose kind of "grouping"). Of
> course the layered elements can share attributes like colour, thickness and
> others. These elements can be manipulated without affecting the others
> (if you so choose). There is no real equivalent to making a "flat image"
> (except maybe making a "dead" model).
> Iiuc, you can work like this in gimp (sort of at least):
> * All images has at least one layer (the "background" -
> right?)
> * You can put more layers on top each other and work with
> them separately, you can also re-arrange them.
> * The "floating selection" is a kind of layer, which requires
> special handling.
> * If you want to manipulate the "floating selection", like
> I did, I have to transform it into a new layer by choosing
> "layer/new layer", which to me is rather unintuitive (which
> shouldn't be taken as a form of criticism - just that people
> think differently). If I don't do this I get the "cropped"
> images when I save it as a jpeg (or any other non-layered
> format, or "flatten" the image), even though I adjust the
> canvas to "fit the layer".

I believe GIMP can do everything you want, except transform everything
as a group.  *sigh*  If you can transform everything as a group, I
have no clue how to do it.

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