Hi everyone !

I don't know if it's the right place to post this, but if not, I will try to
post it on the developper list !

I just have a suggestion about the scalpel tool. I do a lot of photos and even
teach at the uni how to use The GIMP to improve digital photos. I've installed
the latest release (2.2.8), and this tool still misses two options :

 - even if it's possible to set a ratio for the "cut" frame, it's still
impossible to LOCK THE RATIO. For instance, if I need to cut the picture in
order to make it fit in a 10 x 13 cm frame, it's impossible to lock the ratio
at 1,50. So, I have to resize the frame manually until the ratio reaches for
1,50. Once, it's fast, but at the twentieth photo...

 - I also use Paint Shop Pro 8, and it has a very simple way to solve this
problem, but also to make this kind of operation easier and faster : there's a
LIST OF FRAME FORMATS (10 x 15 cm, 11 x 15 cm, etc.) available. When a format
is double-clicked, a resizable vector frame appears on the picture. As told
before, this frame is resizable, but you can't modify its aspect ratio. It's
then easy cut the picture where wanted.

Could these two options be included in a short term next release ?

Thanks !


P.S. : I've just put a few new tutorials about digital post-processing of
digital photos on my web site. Sorry, they're written in french ...

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