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However, I'd like to reduce file size by reducing the colour depth to
2, i.e. black and white.

How can I do the same thing from The GIMP? I'm sure it must be
possible, but I'm just not looking in the right place!
No, it isn't currently possible. But it would be rather simple to add
some code to the PCX plug-in so that it stores a monochrome PCX file
in case that the image is in INDEXED mode and the palette only has two
entries. A couple of plug-ins already behave this way.
Can you point me at the plug-ins that already do this so I can "borrow"
the code for the pcx plugin?

But then you still have to implement the PCX specific parts -- e.g.
how the PCX file format differs for monochrome/indexed versus a
standard image.

Indeed, but it would be easier for me to review how this has been done by others and adopt it to work for PCX.


PS. Is it just me, or are Sven's and Michael's posts not getting to the list? I'm only getting the copy that is sent directly to me and the copy to the list is not arriving.


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