Patrick Shanahan wrote:
* Robin Bowes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [08-12-05 08:10]:

I don't necessarily WANT two copies; but I would EXPECT two copies and the fact that I'm not SEEING two copies leads me to believe that something is "wrong" or outside my experience.

Does that make sense?

Not from any post that I make to the list as it is made with
"List-Reply" function and unless you have requested direct reply with a
"Reply-To:" header, you will only receive *one* copy.

True. I only receive one message from your replies, and it is correctly filtered into my list folder.

btw:  Please do not Cc: to me.  I *read* the list and can see no reason
for you increasing net traffice uselessly.


Can you do me a favour and reply to me, CC'ing the list so I can trace my logs and check what happens. Based on previous experience, I would expect to receive your mail addressed directly to me, but not to see the copy sent to the list.



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