On 8/12/05, Robin Bowes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> michael chang wrote:
> >On 8/11/05, Robin Bowes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> >>PS. Is it just me, or are Sven's and Michael's posts not getting to the
> >>list? I'm only getting the copy that is sent directly to me and the copy
> >>to the list is not arriving.
> >It's just you.  If you take a look at the headers, it's the same
> >message, with you in the To: field, and the list being put in the CC:
> >list.  Chances are, your client [like my "client" - GMail's web
> >interface] is smart enough to know when a message is a duplicate, and
> >display it only once.
> I have filtering code that automatically detects mail from mailing lists
> and sorts it into folders and I'm haven't received any messages from
> Sven or yourself that were sent to the list. I get the copy sent to me
> personally, but I would expect to see two messages - one to me
> personally, and one from the list.
> Not sure why that is happening...

What's the filter?  Is it e.g. "To: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>"; "Subject:
[Gimp-user] ..."?

Has this happened for everyone else?  Is it just this list?

You know, it's totally possible the list is smart enough that it's
configurator/creator knows most people delete duplicate messages
anyways, so it only sends out one copy.  *shrugs*

I obviously can't figure out this behaviour, because my client acts
differently [ I use the GMail Web Interface].  When I get messaged
CCed to list (filter by subject, [gimp-user]), it gets Archived [skip
inbox], and then applied a label (read: put into a folder)
"gimp-user".  If I get the message as well directly in To, I believe
it also ends up in my Inbox ("ignoring", if you will, the skip inbox

When I click on the "message" (it actually shows the entire thread of
messages, and shows that thread under one item), your message appears
once, and it's transparent to me whether you sent it twice or not.

Personally, I'm rather fond of this behaviour, so... *shrugs*

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