I have a lot of stillimages from a digicam and want to make a movie like this: 

The quality of this avi-file is not perfect, so I am searching for a way to do 
it better. If you look at the motion, it is not a quiet motion, it is jerking 
a little bit. If the file is encoded to a DVD with transcode it is 
flickering, probably an interlace-problem, although it is interlaced encoded.

My question is: can something like this short test-avi be done with 
gimp-gap? I am not happy with image2raw and I think stills2dv is not my 1st 
choice too.

I have installed gimp-gap on my Etch-Linux-system, but there are problems with 
my xanim-version 
(Ea, Ee, Eq not supported)

So, if you tell me, that I can't do what I want with gimp-gap I don't have to 
spent time, why gimp-gap doesn't work, otherwise I would be happy to get a 
few hints how I would do this with gimp-gap.

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