On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 09:11:38PM +0200, Al Bogner wrote:
> I have a lot of stillimages from a digicam and want to make a movie like 
> this: 
> http://pinguin.uni.cc/jerking_flickering_xvid.avi
> The quality of this avi-file is not perfect, so I am searching for a way to 
> do 
> it better. If you look at the motion, it is not a quiet motion, it is jerking 
> a little bit. If the file is encoded to a DVD with transcode it is 
> flickering, probably an interlace-problem, although it is interlaced encoded.
> My question is: can something like this short test-avi be done with 
> gimp-gap? I am not happy with image2raw and I think stills2dv is not my 1st 
> choice too.
> I have installed gimp-gap on my Etch-Linux-system, but there are problems 
> with 
> my xanim-version 
> http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian/pool/non-free/x/xanim/xanim_2.80.1-14_i386.deb
> (Ea, Ee, Eq not supported)
> So, if you tell me, that I can't do what I want with gimp-gap I don't have to 
> spent time, why gimp-gap doesn't work, otherwise I would be happy to get a 
> few hints how I would do this with gimp-gap.
i will be honest, i did not look at the avi you showed here.  gap can do
most things to a stack of images that gimp can do with just a single

what gap uses xanim for is for breaking the single video file into
separate frame images.  then, it might use xanim to put them back
together -- it has been a while since i had gap and xanim installed

the xanim that gap wants is seriously broken.  when it creates single
images from the one video file, it makes them without the blue channel.

mplayer is another option to build gap against.  it works better and
correctly.  once installed and gap recognizes it, you get more options
in the Xtns menu where the fun with gap starts.

when i first started to play with single images, there were so many
picky little rules, like png cannot handle layers or offset.  indexed
images can not be jpegs -- stuff like this which today seeems easy.
video manipulation has millions of these same sorts of picky rules.
from the size of the frames to how to set the timing when you re-encode

getting mplayer installed is only a small part of the bigger task.

that being said, it sure was fun to play with gap.  the same way it was
fun to play with gimp the first time all those years ago.

gap needs mplayer and disc space.


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