On Saturday 13 August 2005 18:34, Carol Spears wrote:

> i will be honest, i did not look at the avi you showed here. 

me neither, my browser is not set up to view them yet.

> gap can
> do most things to a stack of images that gimp can do with just a single
> image.

but can it make .avi files ?, i think it can't but would be pleased to 
hear otherwise/differnt.

> what gap uses xanim for is for breaking the single video file into
> separate frame images.  then, it might use xanim to put them back
> together -- it has been a while since i had gap and xanim installed
> together.

you know i have a big problem with that as in cannot figure out how to 
load the movie files into gimp to break down, do you know how that is 
done ?

> gap needs mplayer and disc space.

yes, it is very processor intensive.

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