Am Samstag, 13. August 2005 19:34 schrieb Carol Spears:
> On Fri, Aug 12, 2005 at 09:11:38PM +0200, Al Bogner wrote:
> > I have a lot of stillimages from a digicam and want to make a movie like
> > this:

> > So, if you tell me, that I can't do what I want with gimp-gap I don't
> > have to spent time, why gimp-gap doesn't work, otherwise I would be happy
> > to get a few hints how I would do this with gimp-gap.

> i will be honest, i did not look at the avi you showed here.  gap can do
> most things to a stack of images that gimp can do with just a single
> image.

Hi Carol,

first I want to say, your webpage helped me a lot, but I didn't find the 
answers I am looking for.

My video lasts 14 sec (6.4 MB), so maybe you could have a look at it. It is a 
lot eaiser to talk about my wishes and problems.

> what gap uses xanim for is for breaking the single video file into
> separate frame images. 

I don't need xanim to split the video, because I have the stillimages already 
and with the ImageMagick-suite I can create a lot of formats.

> then, it might use xanim to put them back 
> together -- it has been a while since i had gap and xanim installed
> together.

That is the key-question. I need a tool which does perfect rendering, when 
transitions are created or the motion of the still images is rendered.

> mplayer is another option to build gap against.  it works better and
> correctly.  once installed and gap recognizes it, you get more options
> in the Xtns menu where the fun with gap starts.

As mentioned, I use Debian and would like to use built deb-packages. Mplayer 
is installed, but it is not recognized by gimg-gap. There are so much 
troubles with dependencies of multimedia-packages. I stopped compiling it 
myself. One thing works then and the other doesn't anymore. I use the 
packages from Marilliat most times.

> when i first started to play with single images, there were so many
> picky little rules, like png cannot handle layers or offset.  indexed
> images can not be jpegs -- stuff like this which today seeems easy.
> video manipulation has millions of these same sorts of picky rules.
> from the size of the frames to how to set the timing when you re-encode
> it.

Which format do you recommend for still-images?

> getting mplayer installed is only a small part of the bigger task.

Oh yes, and the mplayer-installation can make a lot of troubles.

> that being said, it sure was fun to play with gap.  the same way it was
> fun to play with gimp the first time all those years ago.
> gap needs mplayer and disc space.

Diskspace shouldn't be the problem. I can use transcode or/and the mjpegtools 
for encoding, but I need a good solution for rendering. So if you have 
suggestions with other tools than gimp, please let me know.

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