On Sat, Aug 13, 2005 at 04:39:09PM -0700, Michael Soibelman wrote:
> I've been watching the (Gimp)web site for some time.  Is there some realistic 
> date when we can expect to see the 'Resources' section updated??  
> It says: " Soon, you will be able to download additional brushes, patterns, 
> gradients and other useful files contributed by some GIMP users and 
> developers. Please be patient while we organize this section of the site."
> I've been reading that for a long time now and am wondering when this might 
> happen.  Many new versions of Gimp have been introduced in the mean time.  
> Though it most certainly is nice to have new improved core functionality, for 
> persons using the Gimp, plug-ins and resources such as brushes, patterns and 
> gradients are immediately usefull and utilized !!  
> Thanks for any information regarding this and for those who are working on 
> this I do appreciate all the work you are doing !!  
we have been talking about running another splash contest for the first
two weeks in September.  the problem with this is that the timing has
more to do with birthdays than it does with an important release (like
something more than a 2.3.version).  after the splash, running some
littler week long image collections -- not exactly contests....

i took a break from whatever i was doing and made a script that picks a
resource from several different catagories every day.  it would be nice
if there could be a web page for each resource showing it in use.  it
might also help to clear some of the more useless of the resources out.
here is the resource a day page my script makes:
it is ugly and stupid and was fun to put together.  the pattern of the
day is not viewable via internet explorer either, a design flaw.

maybe it would be fun to put the contest back up to collect images that
show the different resources in action and skip the splash 'test until
it looks like a real release is inevitable or whatever they call it.


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