On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 08:27:54AM -0400, michael chang wrote:
> On 8/14/05, Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > we have been talking about running another splash contest for the first
> > two weeks in September.  the problem with this is that the timing has
> > more to do with birthdays than it does with an important release (like
> > something more than a 2.3.version).  after the splash, running some
> > littler week long image collections -- not exactly contests....
> Ooh... sounds like fun. ^^
> > here is the resource a day page my script makes:
> > http://carol.gimp.org/blog.html
> > it is ugly and stupid and was fun to put together.  the pattern of the
> Hah.  No kidding... first thing we should have is a "design a resource
> of the day page layout contest".  ^^
getting the information to the web page was my goal.  when it all
started to get there, successfully -- this is when the ugly problems

to be honest, i saw a beautiful display of gimp patterns on the
television and this was the inspiration to start working with them.  it
was quasi-real life emulating software resources.  funny.  and it was
funny that it looked so nice as well.  they even used the "maple
leaves" pattern. heh.  big circular "blue squares" pattern, dangling
precariously over their heads.  and i guess the smell of horse manure
wafting through the room as well -- although this is not a gimp resource
that i have access to.

> > day is not viewable via internet explorer either, a design flaw.
> Why are you using CSS for the actual pattern:
> "background-image:url(/gimp2/resources/default/2.3.0-patterns-3D_Green.png)"
> yet you have <img src="frame.png" alt="frame"></img> for the frame? 
> Wouldn't this make more sense as: "background-image:url(frame.png)"
> and <img src="/gimp2/resources/default/2.3.0-patterns-3D_Green.png"
> alt="3D Green" /> ?  [BTW, I believe the </img> tag is deprecicated in
> HTML -- they now suggest <img ... /> as a single standalone tag.  But
> that's another issue entirely, and not really all that important.]
two reasons.  to be mean.  also, what i wanted was a sappy portrait
look.  i got bored with making a fancy frame though and stuck by what
color or metal or wood look to make it.  i recently looked through css2
stuff to see if they had elliptical clipping and i had missed it.  i get
bored with rectangles on web pages.  don't you?

> > maybe it would be fun to put the contest back up to collect images that
> > show the different resources in action
> Sounds like fun, but are we allowed to create resources that aren't
> made entirely in GIMP (e.g. use an external tool, like POV-Ray) and
> then use GIMP to make them more resource-like?
i think many of the current patterns were created with POV-Ray.  

> > and skip the splash 'test until
> > it looks like a real release is inevitable or whatever they call it.
> Maybe we should have one or two splashes in ... for lack of a better
> word, reserve, so that we don't have to be rushed when they come in...
> or we could hold an extended one (e.g. 1/2 month, 1-2 months) that
> occurs concurrently with the pattern ones, and then after the release,
> hold a "regular" one.
here is the list of the number of resources:
gradients_number = 78
patterns_number = 58
palettes_number = 39
brushes_number = 48
tips_number = 34
plugins_number = 255
scripts_number = 207
translations_number = 54
changelogs_number = 1315

the plug-ins and scripts number is a little bloated -- there are some
plug-ins that demand to be installed in the gimp system files which is
where i counted.

i was looking into having them rotate together, this time for a journal
page.  if each gradient remains on the page for 3 days, the brushes
would have to remain on the page for 5 days.  i was trying to plan this
"journal" page so that they all started and ended together.  i went to
sleep when i realized i was starting to see "resource leap days" in my

seems like every resource should get a week.  i tried my hand at
something that gave you two days to be artistic and i failed.  i blame
the pressure.  if every gradient got 7 days it would take 546 days to
run through them completely.  i think just interupting that for splash
contests will be fun and a refreshing change.

i am particularly fond of the translation of the day.  it would be
interesting to collect any urls for gimp information in that language on
these days.  54 is a number to be bragged about.

then there is the idea of new resources.  lately, adrian has been around
and playing with the brushes.  he has two things he is working on.  one
is this jitter effect for the brushes:
the xcf is there so you can see the path that was stroked using this new
brush setting.  this is patch from bugzilla:
he was working on another paint thing -- something about smudging.  i am
unable to find the sample image he made, but the smudges with the green
pepper were really beautiful.  i wanted my gimp to work that way and i
wanted to start making vegetable brushes to feed it.

i am typing too much today, sorry.

along with the journal idea i had for the same information that is on
that first ugly page, i am considering how to have a "guest resource of
the day" without having too many resources to choose from and how to do
that without offending people.

in the end, collecting good resources and examples should be the goal
more than something competitive.  the apparatus for collecting images
and information is already available.  if we can figure out something
that will work without getting too boring or disruptive the software
should already be there to be implemented.

sometimes, my ideas get out of hand or too complex....


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