On Sunday 14 August 2005 18:35, Akkana Peck wrote:
> sam ende writes:
> > i would find it a lot easier to write tutorials and the like if the
> > drop down menus did not disapear when doing screenshots, is there a
> > way to keep them dropped down for screenshots ?
> The screenshot window lets you set a delay in seconds.  You can
> use that time to go back to the window you're shooting and pop up
> whatever menus you need.
> If the menu goes outside of the window it's in, you'll need to use
> "full screen" or "region of your desktop" instead of "window" in
> the screenshot dialog, otherwise you'll only get the part of the
> menu that overlaps the window borders.
> When you click ok in the dialog, you choose the window or region
> immediately, then the delay starts, giving you time to place the
> cursor or pop up any menus you need.
> Disclaimer: This works on Linux, anyway ...

this is unfortunately the picture i get using that method
with a five second delay, i have tried allsorts in the past, shorter 
delays, longer, no delays, whole screens, et blah. using gimp 2.2.6 on 
debian sarge.
but someone else has sent me a mail with a differnt method, i shall try 
that one then, just that it looks a bit complicated.

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