On Sun, Aug 14, 2005 at 08:17:05PM -0400, Mark Szymanski wrote:
> Discovered that my inability to open a .jpg was due to a missing 
> libexif.50.10. After finding the right version, Gimp worked. This is, of 
> course, updating version 2.0.2 on Novell Linux Desktop, SuSE 9.3. Never 
> had any issue like that running Windows, but I still prefer my penguin.
don't blame that on the penguin, blame it on the monkey!

debian, mandrake, gentoo, mepis, ubunto, most magazine versions,
knoppix, redhat, fedora.  none of these penguins had problems.  their
individual mascots all had different issues though.  it is to be


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