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> in a less than a half an hour i will see if cron puts my new efforts
> online.


> > > my script shuffles the list of available resources.  it can just as
> > > easily not shuffle them.  it reads the available patterns from the
> > > system files, so the resources which are in my ~/.gimp-2.3/ are never
> > > seen.  it can just as easily read different resources from a different
> > > directory.
> >
> > How about multiple directories?
> >
> well, a look at the script you can see it involves a multitude of
> multiple directories.

Okay, so I think I won't comment again on this until I've read the script.

> > > see them? one day.  and that is how this page is written to work.
> > >
> > > contribute examples of using a resource?  a five day week seems fair for
> > > this.  two days off inbetween "projects" for lack of a better name.
> >
> > Sounds fair.  Would it be ideal to have last week's contributions
> > shown on the weekends (or two any other days of the week)?  E.g. Week
> > 1, Day one, results recieved on day 6, shown on week 2.
> >
> i would first need to understand that before i could even consider it.

Monday - Friday: Show "resource of the day".
Saturday, Sunday:  Show "resources of the past week, in use"


> > Well, people have reimplemented stuff before (e.g. Apache 2, and other
> > 2 projects) -- sometimes you learn lots of things after doing things
> > the first time around that you can re apply.  Or sometimes it's nice
> > to take a different look at things.
> >
> this is not a reimplementation.  it should build on something that

I was referring to me, reimplementing your script...

> worked fine.  the software that is.  gamers.org left it broken in
> gnomecvs and it magically became fixed just in time for the last contest

Magically? Figures.

> needing a reliable server.  then it worked for the gnome splash contest.
> > Have you tried perl?  It seems readily available for web usage (IIRC
> > most CGI scripts are written in either Perl or C++), and handles text
> > rather well, as well as a couple of other things...
> no, do you think it would work better?

Perl, IIRC, has been used for dynamic page creation for ages, and
contains modules to dynamically create pages on-the-fly, and handle
various other CGI tasks.  (Among other things, it can also reformat
text, and take a binary file and pass it to a user in a browser.)

> i have an ongoing theory about the destruction that has befallen my
> life; occasionally, everything makes sense if i blame it all on daring
> to ask perl questions via the irc on #gimp.

Oh ho ho.  Have you read the documentation that comes packaged with
Perl?  If you use linux, install the perl-doc package (or whatever)
and read the results in "perldoc perldoc" and "perldoc perl".  If you
use Windows, get the ActiveState installer, and open up the
documentation viewer, by default, at "C:\perl\html\index.html".  [I
personally read this version in Firefox in Linux when working with my

> i have seen python scripts used in the cgi-bin.

True.  But, then again, I've always worked with free web hosts to date
(icky) and the ones that support scripting use Perl.  PHP is too
user-friendly (so they will make people pay for it), and I don't see
Python *that* often on these sites.

> > Sounds like a good idea.  A tarball is definately a bad idea, but that
> > said, we still want to make things available when people want them.
> > Static serving is good for this.
> >
> tomorrows task will be to make the script only write a link to the
> different r-o-d if its page has been modified since its creation.


> i do not know about that.  a lot depends on whether my script sends all
> that crap to my web site or not before anything can be said about python
> and its learning curve.

You could always generate the content *on* the website, as opposed to
sending it to the website... just upload all the gradients and whatnot
and your script first, and then have the script serve it to you.

> > > it does need to be cleaned up to read the ChangeLog less hacky.
> >
> this is not unlike how i read the ChangeLog, however:
> http://carol.gimp.org/writing/listsoflists/cgo-Y3K.html

How sad.

> i am too old and blameless to learn c++.

Well, I don't really use C++ -- and I believe I've deleted all the
things I've done in C++ to date.  Once, I had a CLI (Command Line
Interface) version of the game Mancala.  Of course, a nearly identical
version, except with an AI, and a GUI (graphical user inteface), was
nicely packaged in a package on Linux, so I got rid of my little
program.  It was an interesting exercise though, and gave me something
to brag about to my friends. ^^

> i dunno, i am watching the network seem to gurgle here with rsync.  this
> is the one time i know that the net traffic on my computer was from
> something i did.  :)


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