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> > Better?
> >
> no, not really. sorry.

We'll just scrap it then...

> > > > Well, people have reimplemented stuff before (e.g. Apache 2, and other
> > > > 2 projects) -- sometimes you learn lots of things after doing things
> > > > the first time around that you can re apply.  Or sometimes it's nice
> > > > to take a different look at things.
> > > >
> > > this is not a reimplementation.  it should build on something that
> >
> > I was referring to me, reimplementing your script...
> >
> i am so very confused now.  you will be reimplementing my script in perl
> to use on your website?

No, I will be reimplementing your script in perl to use on your site,
my site, or the gimp website (depending on who wants it).  I'll first,
of course, have a test website so that you can tell what it's output
looks like, and then I'll let you have it all.  Probably should
release it under GPL/CC.^^

> > > worked fine.  the software that is.  gamers.org left it broken in
> > > gnomecvs and it magically became fixed just in time for the last contest
> >
> > Magically? Figures.
> >
> well, not magically.  i asked the system admin for wgo if we could get
> the contest going easily or not.  he looked at it and made it work
> easily.  something like this.

Sounds like a very nice system admin.

> > Perl, IIRC, has been used for dynamic page creation for ages, and
> > contains modules to dynamically create pages on-the-fly, and handle
> > various other CGI tasks.  (Among other things, it can also reformat
> > text, and take a binary file and pass it to a user in a browser.)
> well, there you go.  the system admin for my web server is one of the
> people i think are punishing me for too long for making the mistake of
> asking a perl question on #gimp from.
> perhaps this is the reason i see python in the cgi-bin as well.

If your web server has a python interpreter, way to go.  The host I
use doesn't, and I don't have the resources to keep my PC up 24/7 to
use it to serve everything Python on my website.

> yes, my question to you is have you read those perl docs?  i recently

Yup. ^^ And a few books, that are about as thick as some dictionaries.

> spent sometime poking around in the gimp perl scripts.  perl seems to
> allow some tricks that you really have to work at to get python to do.
> maybe this is just a condition of gimp perl stuff.

For GIMP, at least, the interface is pretty similar, regardless of
whether you use Scheme, Perl, or Python, last I checked.  All you need
to know is the quirks of the various systems (e.g. brackets and
car/cdr/cadr/etc for Scheme).

> i read some of those perl docs.  did you read them and find them useful?

Yeah, but I needed to supplement them with a few books to get the
idea.  Then I figured it out.  But I'm different -- I "learnt" Turing
in 30 seconds by reading the help file and fixed a classmate's code
without having ever seen Turing in my life or even taking a single
underlying-concept-class.  But that's because I referenced the help
file for every second function, as opposed to memorizing functions and
using them when I need them.  That only happens subconsiously with
repeated use; I don't use Turing that often.

> i spent about a week working with a php script.  it seemed to take a
> year to get rid of the smell of chauvinism from my life encounters after
> this.  i think they are related.  the question is, pay for access to
> this?

PHP4 can be embedded in HTML.  That's probably part of it.

> > > tomorrows task will be to make the script only write a link to the
> > > different r-o-d if its page has been modified since its creation.
> >
> > Hum.
> >
> well, this apparatus is now almost installed.  i have now succeeded in
> making at the very least a little documentation project for myself.
> this blog could actually be used to make me go through my thousands of
> digicam pictures, one image a day.  notify me when i have finished
> cleaning one directory.  how nice.  are you taking notes on this for
> your sourceforge project?

I don't think I'll go to sourceforge with this, unless you want to. ^^
 I believe I've been misunderstood in a lot of contexts here; I'll
need to clean up what I say before e-mailing it.  It's because I have
about two million ideas in my head, and I type them up as I think
about them without any regard for order.

> > You could always generate the content *on* the website, as opposed to
> > sending it to the website... just upload all the gradients and whatnot
> > and your script first, and then have the script serve it to you.
> >
> the web server has python2.2 and i use python2.3.  when whatever of this


> i am writing is working on the gimp web site, the server should have
> python2.3.  the gimp web server, interestingly enough, does not have
> gimp installed as well.  since it reads the systems gimp files, this
> would be a problem.

Who would install a user program on a web server?  I'd probably
install GIMP on my system, copy the files to the web directory, and
have the script reference them.  But that's a waste, I suppose.

> yes.  there will be a big Y2.01 scare on cgo.  i am already storing
> cases of tap water and macaroni and cheese dinners in case of disaster.

I hope you've enough electricity or gas to microwave or cook those...

> what exactly does it do?

My thing, or the thing on linux?  It's a game.  My thing showed you a
text game board with numbers.  You put in which pot you wanted to
start from, and then it updated the board for the other player, and
let him make a move, and it keeps going from there until someone won. 
You'd have to understand Mancala for my description to make any more

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