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> Hi there,
> a few years ago I generated a few logos using Gimp 1.2 on my Mandrake
> Linux 9.? Now, I had been using the same logo generator script/theme for
> all logos, which gave the web page a somewhat consistent look. As I set
> off to update (and add to) the aforementioned logos, I realized that the
> logo script/theme is not available in either Gimp 1.* or 2.* standard
> releases. Is there a repository of gimp scripts where I could look this
> up? A sample logo is attached, if anyone happens to have been using it.

There are similar scripts that do that sort of effect, if you still
have the font which created them.  Just make the text layer, with the
font of your choice in the text tool in Gimp 2.x, and then turn the
background transparent (to alpha).  If you have e.g. a white
background, using Color to Alpha on White will turn it transparent.
Then you can use Alpha to Logo...

Sorry if this is more complex than the script you used before -- Maybe
you can find the original package you used.  You could also try
digging around in the plug-in repositry; can't remember if there are
script-fus in there or not.

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