On Sat 20-Aug-2005 at 06:07 +0200, Stephan Hegel wrote:
> Recently I had to deal with a couple of images with signifcant
> vignetting in the corners: they were a few % darker. So, I was
> looking around for an adjustable anti-vignetting filter for Gimp,
> similar like that one for "digikam". Any idea ?

There is the radial luminance filter in the panorama tools gimp


..but you might prefer to simply create a new layer over your photo,
fill it with a radial gradient (black in the middle and white in the
corners) and set the layer mode to 'multiply' or 'lighten only'.

Then you need to adjust the opacity of this layer until the picture
underneath looks right.  For a more refined technique, follow this
photoshop tutorial:


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