Akkana Peck wrote:
- Crop an area of constrained aspect ratio, letting you move or
  resize the crop rectangle to choose the right area.
  (I don't do this very much, but people ask for it all the time,
  and maybe I'd do it if it were easier.  Someone who needs/uses
  this should speak up with details on how it should work!)

I use this quite a lot on photo's from my digital camera. I often want to crop the photo to the prettiest region of it, but I want to constrain the aspect ratio to make the result exactly fit my desktop, or to make it exactly fit the aspect ratio of my favorite online print shop.

There are actually two use cases:
- constrain to any custom aspect ratio. Possibly some preselections (3:4, 4:5, 9:16, 10:15, 11:15, ...) could be provided, but it should in any case be possible to specify any desired ratio. - keep the aspect ratio of the original (but I guess this is just a special case of the above)

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