This has me completely baffled. We run Slackware-10.1 on all hosts; each
had a copy of gimp-2.2.8 installed from the same package. On all but one
laptop, there is no problem opening and working with .jpg files. On this one
host, .hrz, .ico, and .jpg files are not recognized and not available in the
file type list.

  I've removed and reinstalled the application, and moved ~/.gimp-2.2/ to
another name so it is regenerated when the application is invoked. No
difference in behavior: it will not accept .jpg as a valid file type.
ImageMagick's 'display' has no problem with them.

  When I searched google for this problem I found a reference to a missing
library on freeBSD. On the host here, /usr/lib/libjpeg* are all present.

  Suggestions and solutions greatly appreciated.



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