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> Maybe the publishers think that GIMP 2.x books are redundant.  Or
> maybe they're waiting for GIMP 2.4 or GIMP 3 before releasing more
> books.  The development processes have been going quite quickly,
> whereas publishing a book takes quite some time (by the time books for
> 2.2 are completed, 2.4, with it's revamped menus will probably be out,
> maybe?).

There are two books in german, convering GIMP 2.0, AFAIK. The situation you
described has happened, they got somewhat outdated by the release of GIMP
2.2 (though one can also use good 1.x books with newer versions of GIMP).

If anyone knows of other GIMP 2 books, in any language, please post about
them here. We can then add them to http://www.gimp.org/books/ - there is one
2.2 book mentioned there, btw.


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