On 9/8/05, Stephan Brunner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> After some modifications of an image, the script saves the image with
> gimp_jpeg_save, but there is no "write exif"-option and so no exif-info is
> written with the saved jpg. In the normal GUI "File->Save"-Dialog, however,
> there is this option and it works as expected.

This is probably a limitation in gimp-jpeg-save -- try looking in the
procedure browser to see if there is an alternative function to do
what you want.  If not, gimp-perl has been known to be slightly
outdated and/or semi-broken for a while, and it may be easier to write
scripts in python or script-fu (although I love perl myself -- I'd use
it if I could, but I find that it's support is sketchy to date,

As for using 2.2.6 on Sarge -- isn't a 2.2.7cvs-something that "reads"
2.2.8 package available in Debian?  Because that's what I'm using...

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