ImageMagick does save it, but I didn't find any win32 binaries for 
ImageMagick-Python bindings... Also, when resizing the same image with PIL and 
ImageMagick, the PIL version is smaller but with very similar looking quality...

So my load of images is now being resized by PIL.

This discussion is getting rather off-topic, and I solved my problem (albeit 
without GIMP), so I think we can close the discussion! :-)

thanks all,


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Leeuw van der, Tim schreef:
> I never actually looked at what PIL could really do for me until
> tonight, so I wasn't aware before that it could do such
> interpolations... I'm very pleased that it does; only snatch is that
> it does lose the EXIF data on the resized image (not sure yet if I
> mind or not).

Ah yes. I've been looking for a Python module to handle EXIF data, but
it seemed the only ones I could find could only read it, not write it.

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Roel Schroeven

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