Chris Spencer writes:
> When I try to print any image (xcf, jpg, png, etc) of reasonable size 
> (4x3 inches) with the GIMP, my printer (HP Deskjet) prints out a single 
> page with:
> %!PS-Adobe-3.0
>               %%Creator: Print plug-in V4.2.7 - 15 Jul 2004 for 
>               GIMP/Gimp-Print

That very often means that you haven't configured the printer type
in the gimp-print dialog. It doesn't get your printer type from
CUPS or whatever other spooler you might be running; it defaults
to postscript, which for most inkjet printers results in printing
out a lot of postscript source. (I wish it defaulted to "No printer"
or something, and perhaps popped up a dialog asking the user to
set the printer type ... if it ever gets straightened out which
project owns the gimp-print dialog, perhaps I'll try adding that

If you've already set gimp-print to the right printer type,
then I'm out of ideas and maybe someone with an HP can help.
What OS/distro are you running?

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