Hi Carol,

By "absent image" are we talking about the img frame.png in
the passages

                      border:thick ridge #bdbdbd;
              <div class="pattern">
                <img src="frame.png" alt="frame"></img>

In Firefox, I can get to 


but can't find a correct path for frame.png.


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|       > With respect, could you clarify what the issue is on
|       > the page you've referenced? I'm looking at
|       > 
|       > http://carol.gimp.org/blog.html
|       > 
|       > in both IE6 and Firefox, and the major differences
|       > I see are some spacing variations and the absent img
|       > in the "Pattern" box.
|       > 
|       yes.  that was my prediction.  every time i use a 
|       transparent png i am
|       able to predict that IE will not display it correctly.  
|       i actually used
|       this fact when designing my index page, btw.  there is 
|       a message that is
|       much clearer if you read it from IE than if you read it 
|       in any mozilla
|       product.  IE users need to understand the message 
|       somewhat more than
|       users of hmm, should i call it gecko instead of mozilla 
|       products?
|       the first thing i did was review css2 things to see if 
|       there were some
|       elliptical clipping there i had not seen yet.  the next 
|       thing was to
|       decide that i did not care about what IE displayed and 
|       went for this
|       sappy portrait style with the transparent png instead.
|       > By the way, I agree that jumping through browser-specific
|       > hoops to design webpages is a major pain, and often resent 
|       > having to take on the pain. But it seems there's sort of
|       > a spectrum from lowest-common-denominator-and-works-everywhere
|       > design to maximum-bells-and-whistles-and-must-be-tweaked-for-
|       > every-browser design. I absolutely do not know where the
|       > line should be drawn, but really want to achieve certain
|       > effects anyway. Hence the pain 8).
|       > 
|       there will not be a good style for broken software.
|       i fully admit that i am unable to use the gimp image 
|       map plug-in to its
|       fullest, however even with my limited skills, it would 
|       be easy to get a
|       screenshot of the page being rendered correctly and 
|       send all IE viewers
|       to this demonstration.  this is a web server 
|       configuration, last time i
|       looked.  if i were not designing this script to run 
|       silently without a
|       display from a web server, i would be so tempted to 
|       make the image map
|       page just to show how simple it is to make your pages 
|       work properly and
|       look correctly in IE.  perhaps this would also work in 
|       Netscape3 as well
|       as IE5?
|       that would be such a larger sample for your least 
|       common denominator!
|       perhaps you could use your experience and predict if my 
|       solution would
|       work in IE for me?
|       carol

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