Sven Neumann wrote:

Also, does anyone know an easy way to make word balloons? In
Photoshop this could be easily be done by selecting an oval area
(ellipse select), union that with a triangular selection (polygon
select), then convert to path and stroke.

That's pretty much how you'd be doing this in GIMP as well. I would
however suggest to create this balloon as path and save it to disk.
You can then reload the path whenever you need a balloon, scale and
stretch it to the desired size and stroke it.

Thanks. However, can you perform boolean operations on paths? I see add,
subtract, and intersect functions for selections, but only a "merge"
option for visible paths, which just places all nodes on the same layer.

It's a little awkward, but I found I can create the triangular path and
add it to an elliptical selection, and then convert this to a path.
Unfortunately, the triangular path looses its polygonal qualities and
becomes slightly curved, making editing direction of the balloon's arrow
somewhat complicated. Is this the easiest way to accomplish this?


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