On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 08:00:48PM -0400, michael chang wrote:
> On 9/13/05, Chris Kinata [kcom] <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > By "absent image" are we talking about the img frame.png in
> > the passages
> >               <div class="pattern">
> >                 <img src="frame.png" alt="frame"></img>
> >               </div>
> > but can't find a correct path for frame.png.
> I think we call this generative loss or something... frame.png was
> there before.  I swear, it was, honest.  I don't know where it is now
> -- Carol, I don't suppose you have a backup?  Or maybe when you
> changed the script somewhere, you forgot to prepend something in the
> path (or did it in a seperate version).  *shrugs*
yeah, i figured out what Chris was speaking about and cp'ed it over.

here is a broken mozilla problem for you.  in my history there is a
http://carol.gimp.org/blog.html/ with that slash at the end.

it is free and it does display transparent png.  it does not mean that
its design is all that great either.  in fact, i loathe the way it seems
to insist that i only go to the web sites i have already been to.  for
whatever reason, its designers seem to think they know better than me
where i am going and what i would like to see.

the best thing possible at this moment is to not allow this crap to
happen to gimp.

thanks and sorry.  a browser is not a wysiwyg, even though it should be.


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