Werner Franke <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> when I want to open a second picture in a already running gimp session
> I got the following message:
>   Could not connect to the Gimp.
>   Make sure that the Toolbox is visible!
> But the toolbox is on the current desktop on top.
> I use the command for the first picture:
>   gimp-2.2 picture1.jpg
> and for the second:
>   gimp-remote-2.2 picture2.jpg
> I working on three PCs, all with SUSE 9.3 and mostly the same
> sw enwironment but the behavior of gimp is different.
> AMD64:              no Problems with gimp
> Notebook with PII:  Problems with connect to gimp
> DELL GX110:         Problems with connect to gimp
> What can be the reason that gimp doesn't find it's own
> process ?

gimp-remote isn't the same process as gimp. I suggest you have a look
at the source code of gimp-remote (it's found in the tools folder).
That should give you an idea of how gimp-remote works and might enable
you to find out why it isn't working for you.

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