Anthony DiSante <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Something about GIMP's FreeType plugin has annoyed me for a long
> time: after typing in my text, in order to see it in the various
> fonts, I can't just click on the first one and then press the
> down-arrow key.  When I do that, the selection-outline moves down to
> the next font in the list, but doesn't actually select the font -- I
> need to press the spacebar to select it.  So, instead of just
> pressing the down-arrow repeatedly to see each font, I have to press
> down-arrow,spacebar...down-arrow,spacebar...down-arrow,spacebar...
> Is there something wrong with my setup (in GIMP, or a GTK preferences
> file, or something)?  Or is this the same way it works for everyone
> else here?  If so, why on earth is it set up this way??
> I'm using GIMP version 2.2.6 and FreeType plugin version 0.6, under
> GNOME 2.10 on Gentoo Linux.  (And it's a 2.6.12 kernel on a
> Pentium-III system, but I doubt that matters...)
> Also, if there's a more appropriate place to ask this, please let me
> know; I wasn't sure if it would be the mailinglist for FreeType
> itself, and there's no sort of contact info whatsoever on
> freetype.gimp.org.

The freetype plug-in isn't developed any further. It has always been
nothing but a playground to experiment with font rendering and it has
been obsoleted by the rewrite of the text tool that happened for GIMP

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