On Tue, Sep 20, 2005 at 09:53:44PM -0400, Helen wrote:
> Photos from my camera are huge in Gimp, so
> I use Scale Image to get them small enough to
> fit into a photo frame. Am I losing picture quality
> when I Scale image to make it smaller? If so, is
> there a way to reduce an image without losing
> quality?
> Helen, using jpeg image format on Gimp 2.2.4

In the lower portion of the image window, the second from the right
radio menu there -- marked with a percentage.  Change this from 100
percent to something smaller like 50% or even 25%.  Fitting the image to
the computer screen is different than scaling the image.  Scaling the
image is good for email or for web sites.


ps, how did you avoid the user mail signature on the lower portion of
this mail sent to the gimp-user mail list?

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