Cody McLean wrote:

> I was just wondering how I could change some settings in the
> program. I would like to change a few of the File Extensions so that
> certain graphics and such aren't opened in the GIMP when I double
> click. I tried reinstalling the program to change these options
> through there but they are all checked and grayed out so I am unable
> to change them. Help please.
I'm assuming you've installed the GIMP on a Windows machine.

Just browse to a file you don't want to open up in the GIMP when you
double click, but does at the moment. Right click the file and scroll
down to "Open with->Choose Program" (if this is windows XP). Pick the
other program you want opening the file when you double click it, making
sure you check the little box at the bottom which says something like
"Always use selected program to open files of this type.".

And the next time you double click these sorts of files, they open up in
the program you chose.


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