Doug ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
> I'm using Gimp v2.2 and having some problems with the Bezier paths:
> (1) the path will not close when I click on the starting point (though 
> it will convert to a selection)
> (2) there is no special Paths dialog for Bezier paths, with Control 
> Point Mode Buttons, on the Paths Dialogue (as in Gimp v1)
> (3) default behaviour on the  Bezier path seems to be to Add points to 
> the path. I can move them and twiddle the control handles, but can't 
> Delete any points.
> Are there any ways round this?

I've rewritten the path tool extensively for Gimp 2.0 and it works quite
different from the v1.x path tool.

The path tool has three different modes for its operation, I recommend
to switch between them with the modifier keys.

To connect two control points (close a path) have one of them active and
click on the other one while holding CTRL. Pressing Enter is a good way
to convert a path to a selection.

The old tool had explicit buttons for adding/deleting points and behaved
weird otherwise (IMHO of course...)

As a rule of thumb for the new tool you can use this:

(Design mode)
no modifiers: Move stuff
Shift       : Move stuff symmetrically

(Edit mode)
CTRL        : Add stuff to the path
CTRL+Shift  : Delete stuff from the path

In more detail: with no modifiers pressed you can move stuff like
handles, anchors and segments around, clicks on the canvas create new points.
Shift allows multiple anchors to be selected for moving around and makes
the editing behaviour of the handles symmetric.

CTRL adds stuff: You can add a control point to a segment, you can drag
a handle from the anchor (if the handles are not yet outside the
handle), you can create new segments between open ends of the path.

CTRL+SHIFT deletes stuff: you can delete anchors, "delete" handles by
moving them back to their anchor and open up a path by clicking on a

Then there is the move tool that moves the whole stroke or (with SHIFT)
all strokes of a path.

I hope this helps,
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