On 9/23/05, Newton Nickel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear Friends : I need some help, cause I canĀ“t use my
> scanner with GIMP on Linux. I don't saw it, at
> acquire. How to do to solve this problem ? Sincerely,

Let me see if I understand you; you can't user your scanner with Linux
+ GIMP because it's not found in the dialog?

Erm... I guess you have to load the drivers or modules for your
scanner, if they are already compiled, or recompile your kernel with
those drivers.  This is assuming that your scanner has a linux
driver/module, which it may or may not have.

Does the scanner work with any other applications in Linux?  What
distro and version of Linux (kernel, and the distro) are you using?

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