On Mon, Sep 26, 2005 at 01:32:00PM -0400, Jim Lynch wrote:
> No, not MJ. I have a nice picture I'd like to print and frame but it has the
> stupid date/time string in yellow in the corner. I have subsequenly turned
> off the date stamp so that won't happen again. Fortunately, maybe, the stamp
> is in a field of nice green grass, so I was hoping somehow I could replace
> the solid color (yellow) of the stamp with something that looks like grass.
> Any suggestions on how I might go about that? I've used gimp for simple
> things, like brightness, contrast, and cropping but replacing colors and
> doing things with layers is beyond me at this time. Can anyone help?
if i read your question correctly, this is a job for the clone tool.

you give the clone tool a brush and ctl click on some of the grass near
to the area you wish to cover and make certain that Aligned is toggled
in the Tool Options.


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