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Dear Users,
I am a new user to gimp and have a question regarding an old picture.
Welcome in the GIMP community!

It is an old picture of my great-grandfather. The quality of the picture is not so good and his face is not so clear. Is there any way to make this picture
better with gimp?
Sure you can enhance the image with GIMP. But to give you an advise is pretty difficult without knowing what "problems" the image has. Is there any way you can provide this online at an webpage of your choice (please not as attachement to the list)? In general you can remove noise, add sharpness, restore colors and so on.

As I am new to the are of image processing I hope that it is not a too simple
No its not - keep asking. By the way please note, that sharpening should be the very last step in the chain of enhancements.

Thanks in Advance,

Greetings, lexA

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