On 10/4/05, Roger D Vargas <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Im trying to make some buttons for a web site. The buttons could be text
> or an small image plus text. I havent found a way to draw something like
> a glow around the image and text for highlighted buttons, can somebody
> give me an idea about this?

Various Script-Fu scripts included with GIMP; e.g. Alpha To
Logo-->Alien Glow or similar.

Simply use colour-to-alpha on the background colour or use the magic
contious-region select and delete.  Note, you'll need an alpha channel
on your image (right-click the layer in the main image and click "Add
Alpha Channel" if it's not greyed out).  Also, IIRC, the script works
on one layer and does various things (e.g. copies it), so if your logo
+ text are seperate and you want different glows, you may need to make
them seperate one-layer images and then figure out how to organize and
fiddle with the various layers to get the effect you want.

Another idea would be, in a new layer under existing object, to take a
selection of the background, invert the selection (so you're selecting
the object), grow the selection, make it a colour, and then make it
semitransparent (I believe a slider on the layers dialogue does this)
- and then put in a background colour layer behind all that (meaning
your image must have alpha... like above).

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