On Wed, Oct 05, 2005 at 10:42:55AM +0200, Michael Schumacher wrote:
> > Von: Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> > On Tue, Oct 04, 2005 at 09:50:36PM -0500, Eric P wrote:
> > > I can't remember if I asked this before or not, but does anybody make
> > > any 2.3.x packages for deb?
> > it is easy to build your own on debian.  i build mine in /usr/local
> > though so, it is not the same as getting it from them.
> If I'm not mistkane, it is not advised to install into any /usr prefix - the
> release notes mention /opt, and I've chosen a directory in my $HOME.
it is the configure default.

> For simply testing the 2.3 releases, I wouldn't create a Debian package,
> just install it where it can do no harm to your system.
you can even have both, although they share the */2.0/* directory name.
better to make sure before you try to install your own that you do not
have debians libgimp-dev.  let the distribution only have lib-gimp


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