On 10/4/05, Eric P <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I can't remember if I asked this before or not, but does anybody make
> any 2.3.x packages for deb?

They're not supposed to...

> I used to compile my own these past few years on Suse w/checkinstall to
> stay up on development progress, but since switching to Debian earlier
> this year I haven't got back on board.
> I think I tried compiling 2.3.1 back a few months ago, but checkinstall
> failed to make a deb package... (going off a foggy memory).

You'd need various deb creation utilities... dpkg, etc. etc. etc.
(checkinstall worked for me, until my Debian system died when I pushed
Ctrl-C at the wrong time during ldconfig for another program).

> Can anyone spank me onto the straight and narrow here?

You're usually suggested to install into e.g. /opt/gimp-2.3 and then
place that in your PATH.

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