I'm not sure where's the best place to post this - should this be in the
developer's list? I'm not a developer so I decided to put it here hoping one of
the Developers see it anyway. I didn't want to open a feature enhancement for
each of these.

So, after checking out Gimp 2.3.4 I have to say I'm very impressed. The window
behavior has advanced tremendously, I like the fact that transient dialogs are
transient to their image window and keep above them, while still being non-modal
so other images can be accessed. The new colors dialog is cool, and some filters
have been renamed and moved to other menus making things easier to find. Still,
I'd like to suggest more appropriate names.

Select-->distort: Was "distress selection". The new name implies a sort of
perspective distort but actually creates a sort of "wavy" selection. I suggest
this be renamed to "roughen selection" (as it does to a selection the same thing
"roughen" in adobe illustrator does to paths) or "jagged selection".

Select-->fade to layer mask: was "fade outline. The name is OK but it shouldn't
be placed in "select" as what it does is just use the current selection to
generate a layer mask. I mean, just about every command and tool uses the
current selection. So, Can this be placed in Layer-->mask, maybe? Alternatively
this can be approached from the usage angle - thinking that this script will
probably be used to create a photo frame with blurry edges, it can be placed in

I'd also like to suggest changing filters-->distorts to just "distort". Most of
the other entries in the filters menu are verbs - enhance, blur, combine, etc. I
don't think "Distorts" is even a valid word in English - the plural form of the
word is "distortions". Actually this is another valid option.

I'd like to see "colors-->colorify" removed as it does almost the same thing as
"colorize" with a simplified interface with less options. 

So, to sum it up, a lot of good work has been done on this version so far by the
Gimp team. Hopefully all the small details will be taken care of as well to
create the polished application the Gimp deserves to be.

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